Sustain lasting balance and relaxation while releasing blockages and resolving pain


Thai Yoga massage uses deep muscular compressions, pressure point release techniques, and gentle traction to free stiff muscles and joints and help the spine decompress. It is, in some sense, interactive yoga that involves traction of the hips and the spine to help restore  balance and free-flow. Because most meridians in the body start or end in the hands and feet, strategic hand and foot massage activates all of the meridians, providing profound inflammation relief, and allowing for a full-body rebalancing and "reboot."

Like acupuncture, Thai massage also works along the main energy meridians and therefore has the ability to balance and harmonize the internal organs associated with optimal health and emotional wellbeing. Rather than forcing a muscle to release a knot, Thai massage reminds the body to release, and encourages the joint to once again find its place. The result tends to be a lasting sense of tension release in muscles and joints, along with a feeling of being relaxed, elongated, and energized. Clients often report feeling taller, more connected, relaxed, and energized. A common response is, "I feel like I’m standing taller, my spine is longer, feel my legs and grounded on my feet."

Tui Na, meaning "push-pull," is the manual aspect of Chinese Medicine that applies grasping, squeezing, rocking, and compressing motions to muscles, tendons, joints, and acu-points, with benefits similar to Thai massage. Thai massage and Tui Na can be used as stand-alone therapies or paired with acupuncture for more powerful results.

What To Expect

Thai massage and Tui Na are typically performed over the top of clothing, without the use of oils or lotions. Patients wear loose, comfortable clothing and lie, relaxed, on a massage table or padded mat on the floor. Jamie will position her hands, forearms, elbows, and feet to apply the most benefit from each stroke, stretch, or posture and then squeeze, rock, and compress muscles, tendons, joints, and acu-points to coax them to release. She will frequently "check in" with you on sensitivities or pain levels and tailor the amount of pressure to your unique needs and limitations. 

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