Pain can be both physically and emotionally debilitating.


Chronic pain tends to be a complex combination of patterns that can be very challenging to figure out.  Often times more than one injury or trauma to the body will, over time, result in a number of different compensation patterns, and a complicated web of myo-fascial restrictions. The subsequent structural instability can potentially lead to agonizing and mysterious chronic pain.  This type of pain can frequently shift and change in response to stress, re-injury, a sudden change in life circumstances.  Even long periods of sitting for work or travel can make pain unbearable, or get amplified when paired with emotional disharmonies.  This chronic cycle of stress and seemingly unresolvable pain, can feel very defeating and utterly exhausting.  Such a scenario can lead to depression and anxiety, which can, in turn, lead to more pain.  All of this can leave you feeling helpless and confused in the hands of professionals who have little more to offer than pain medication or anti-depressants.  

Jamie understands this inter-relationship between physical pain, and the psycho-emotional challenges that can come along with it.  Likewise, she gets to the core of how emotional pain and trauma can manifest as physical pain or disease in the body.

What to Expect

Through the thoughtful application of the collective modalities that Opal Dragon Healing Arts has to offer, Jamie helps people to break this cycle, and attain freedom from pain and deep-seated trauma that may have been trapped in the body's tissues, meridians, organs, energy systems, and psyche.



Your path to wellness begins here.