Bring your body's physiology back into a state of harmony with natural medicine


Two people may have the same complaint—for example, headaches, or low back pain—with completely different root causes and quality of pain. It makes sense, then, that each be prescribed a different medicine. True medicine is a medicine that can address and re-direct the root cause of imbalance in the physiology and energetics of the body and mind. Chinese herbal medicine uses plants, minerals, and even elements from the animal kingdom to methodically rebalance internal disharmonies that manifest as illness, pain, or emotional imbalance.

Each individual has her own unique constitution and physiological patterns. With Chinese herbal medicine, diagnosis involves understanding the unique ways in which disease shows up for each individual. The combination of herbs is tailored to the person, not necessarily the disease. This is in sharp contrast to attacking a disease or symptom, the general focus of Western medicine. The latter approach can often lead to unnecessary or damaging side effects, common with Western pharmaceuticals, but not Chinese herbs. Chinese herbs can be used topically or internally for many purposes, including: pain, digestive disorders, insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue, women's health, fertility, menstrual irregularities, PMS, menopausal symptoms, migraine, skin issues, common cold & flu, chronic infections, and auto-immune disorders.

What to Expect

Based on an in-depth review of your health, Jamie may prescribe herbs that fit your particular constitution and will work in conjunction with other treatments. Herbs may come in the form of pellets, capsules, loose dried plants, or tinctures and can be ordered online and then delivered directly to your home.



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