Sustain the benefits of acupuncture treatment with structural stability


Realigning the body’s structural balance and relieving pain with acupuncture and Chinese medical treatments is one thing. Sustaining those changes is another. Body mechanics sessions with Jamie are a way to optimize the benefits of treatment. Exercise and postural therapy, based on principles of Yoga, Pilates, and Gyrotonic®, can help rewire the body’s bad habits.  Together we can retrain dysfunctional postural tendencies, and reprogram the body to move through daily life in an optimal, functional, and ergonomic way. This approach not only alleviates pain, it helps prevent relapse into old dysfunctional patterns or habits.

With 15 years of experience teaching Yoga, Pilates, and Gyrotonic®, Jamie tailors therapeutic movement routines to each person's unique anatomical and structural needs. Pilates offers deep core strengthening and structural alignment to help correct posture and stabilize the spine. Gyrotonic® helps mobilize the hips, pelvis and spine, and assists in the decompression of joints.  It also teaches one to develop the capacity to elevate and decompress the spine using one's own deep core musculature. Breath-coordinated postures, movements, and stretches bring a meditative inward focus that, in turn, help support the balance between core strength, freedom from tension, and connection to spirit.

Through customized mind-body movement routines, Jamie helps patients discover a profound sense of physical connection and understanding that can be applied to day-to-day functional movement.

What to Expect

Whether you take a a small group class, or have an individualized private Pilates or Gyrotonic® session with Jamie, you can expect to learn how to access deep core muscles in a new and deeper way.  You will work intrinsic musculature that supports your spine and your anatomical structure in the most functional way for you.  Expect to feel muscles that you didn't know you had, and to enjoy a thorough and challenging, yet safe and effective workout.  

Wear loose, comfortable clothing, and be prepared for you mind to  get as much of a workout as your body.



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